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Michael Potashnik School of Rock Scholarships

Terrapin Foundation is partnering with School of Rock to offer scholarships for camps and lessons to kids whom otherwise would have no opportunities to grow their musical talents. The scholarships are named in honor of our dear friend, visionary, and music ambassador Michael Potashnik, who passed a way suddenly in 2012. “Mike P.” encouraged, nurtured, and supported music and music education wherever he went. This year, we offered six scholarships to the Fairfield County School of Rock sponsored camps. The results blew us away. Kids and parents alike communicated transforming experiences for all involved, not only in skill level, but also focus and drive. Here’s feedback from one of our musicians from Bridgeport, CT, and the mother of another scholarship recipient.

2013-2014 Scholarship Musician Highlights:

Andre Hackney – participated in the “Punk & Funk Boot Camp” this summer at the Fairfield, CT School of Rock. It was a huge personal success for him! His teacher said it changed him by giving him even more focus, and his mother said that he was very excited to be a part of the summer camp and absolutely loved it!

school of rock Andre (2)

Andre Hackney: “I benefited from the School of Rock a lot because I got the opportunity to be able to play in a group for the first time. I got better at learning different songs by ear and I learned a new instrument, the bass guitar. I’m usually nervous performing in front of people, but School of Rock made performing in front of people fun to me.”

Elisha Brockenberry – received piano lessons with a School of Rock pro. Her mother wrote the following letter:

December 2, 2013
Dear Ms. Gniady,

I am writing this letter to thank you and the Terrapin Foundation for my daughter Elisha’s scholarship for piano lessons at the School of Rock. We are all so grateful for the opportunity Elisha has to pursue her musical interests. Her grandmother taught Elisha piano, and this is such a beautiful way for her to be able to continue this interest and to celebrate that part of her memory of her grandmother.

We are thankful to Mr. Tondi for recommending Elisha; she showed such interest during this past summer’s music camp that he thought she should continue music lessons.

Following her very first lesson with T-Bone, Elisha informed me that she wanted to pursue a career as a musician! She has been practicing on our piano several times a day without being reminded and is rapidly progressing. She has learned two songs that are of interest to her, and she is learning about playing chord variations. The method of teaching allows her to play songs that sound full and that encourages her to continue practicing. Elisha has expressed interest in continuing lessons, and we hope to be able to provide that for her.

Thank you again for this opportunity. We also thank everyone at the School of Rock for being so friendly and welcoming to us!

Leah A. Brockenberry,
Mother of Elisha Brockenberry, Piano Student